The Armed Forces Retirement Home is the only federal retirement community established by the executive branch as a promise from our nation to provide care for its retired and disabled military members who made sacrifices to protect and serve our country. The AFRH provides eligible enlisted a veterans with supportive care and shared camaraderie – just like you experienced in your service days! Back then, you invested in the AFRH via small payroll deductions. Now it’s time for you to get back what you deserve from the country you served: an affordable, comfortable, and secure retirement!

Our residents receive many benefits: three prepared meals each day, onsite medical facilities, rehabilitative therapy, recreation services, organized trips, transportation services, entertainment, activities, luxurious amenities, as well as many others. All of the amenities and services are included with your reasonable monthly fee, which is calculated as a percentage of your income with no deposits, maintenance charges, association fees, or long-term contracts. You will experience freedom from overwhelming living expenses, home maintenance, and other worries about the future knowing that AFRH will provide a home for you that will always remain within your means regardless of the needs that may develop as you age.

AFRH is a continuing care facility and offers additional support services to the residents should the need eventually arise including assisted living, memory support, and long-term care. You must be an existing resident to transfer into an advanced level of care at AFRH – direct admission into healthcare levels is not available. Once you have become a resident, you will enjoy the benefit of knowing you will always have access to an affordable community where you will be safe, well cared-for, and worry-free among a group of fellow veterans who share a common bond of self-sacrifice, patriotism, and fraternity.



The AFRH provides eligible veterans - and eligible spouses - with supportive care and shared camaraderie. Just like you experienced in your service days. Back then, you invested in the AFRH via small payroll deductions. Now it’s time for you to get back what you earned: an affordable, comfortable, and secure retirement.

To live at the AFRH, you must be able to live independently upon admission. This means you must be able to care for your personal needs, attend a dining facility for meals, and keep all medical appointments. You must not have a felony conviction. And you must be free of active drug, alcohol, and psychiatric problems. For those admitted to live independently, AFRH offers three levels of advanced care later on if needed:  assisted living, long-term care, and memory support.


AFRH grants admission according to the law that established the Home, and through expanded eligibility outlined in Sec. 1411 (page 643) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021. Married couples are welcome, but spouses must meet certain eligibility requirements. Please call us at 800.422.9988, Ext. 1, for details.

Persons who served in the Armed Forces – Regular Military, Reserve Forces, or National Guard – who spent more than half of their time in the military as an enlisted member, warrant officer, or limited-duty officer are eligible to become residents of the AFRH if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • were discharged from service in the Armed Forces after 20 or more years of active service.


  • are determined under rules prescribed by the Chief Operating Officer to be suffering from a service-connected disability incurred in the line of duty in the Armed Forces.


  • served in a war theater during a time of war declared by Congress or were eligible for hostile fire pay and who are determined under rules prescribed by the Chief Operating Officer to be suffering from injuries, disease, or disability.


  • served in a women's component of the Armed Forces before June 12, 1948, and are determined under rules prescribed by the Chief Operating Officer to be eligible for admission because of compelling personal circumstances.


  • served in the Armed Forces (Regular, Reserve, or National Guard) and are eligible for retired pay according to Ch. 1223 of Title 10, USC, including those individuals who have either completed sufficient service in a non-regular component or qualify for an early retirement (TERA/DISABILITY) and are now receiving retired pay and benefits from the Department of Defense.

Married couples, who meet one of the following requirements, are welcome to apply for admission together at the Armed Forces Retirement Home:

  • If both individuals served in the military and meet the military qualifications in their own right; or
  • If the veteran sponsor is eligible for AFRH, was married prior to receiving retirement benefits and pay from the Dept. of Defense, and registered their spouse as a beneficiary in DEERS.


  • a person who has been convicted of a felony or is not free of drug, alcohol, or psychiatric problems shall be ineligible to become a resident of the Retirement Home
Contact one of our representatives at admissions@afrh.gov
for more information regarding eligibility, services,
amenities, or the application process.