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Collage of AFRH wellness activities

We have many programs to maintain your vitality.

Wellness is a strong balance of health for the mind, body, and spirit. The AFRH staff will help you achieve total wellness in every aspect of your retirement. You will have access to many healthy choices and personalized support. Plus, we offer you a range of opportunities in fitness, recreation, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, learning, nutrition, camaraderie, and adventure.

Recreation Services Recreation is an essential part of a healthy and happy life. So our staff offers a variety of daily activities and special events. Choose from hobby shops, bowling tournaments, and golfing to entertainment, daytrips, and dances. No matter what your interest, there’s something fun on the calendar each day. And if you have a special interest we’ll help you organize it.

Wellness Center Our 24-hour Clinic is the heart of the home. You can rest assured that quality healthcare is minutes away from where you live, work, play, socialize and volunteer. See a nurse or doctor if you have concerns. Easily fill a prescription. Get your blood pressure checked. Or ask about preventive care. And if you have a specialized need, we will take you to a world-class hospital nearby.

Balanced Nutrition Your dining options are as vast as the activities. Here you’ll enjoy three home-style meals a day. Our tasty menus are prepared by licensed nutritionists. Plus, we offer nutrition counseling and have a station with special food for diabetics. Each meal period has extended hours, so you can have a favorite dish made-to-order. Don’t miss our prime rib nights, birthday parties, and BBQ cookouts, too!

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