August 25, 2021

Update on Campus Operations and Quarantine Requirements

**Subject to Change**

After a period with no covid cases, in recent weeks both AFRH campuses have seen new cases similar to what is occurring across the country. The new cases have affected residents and staff, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. Fortunately the vaccinated cases have been mild or asymptomatic as expected, and we hope that continues. We are watching closely the developments related to new variants of the virus, waning vaccine immunity, and the likelihood of third booster shots in the coming weeks or months.

Temptation for a "return to normal" is strong, and though AFRH residents and staff have worked mightily to keep covid out of our communities, we are still affected by the world around us and expect the trend of new cases to continue as the summer travel season ends and schools return to session. This will certainly impact our operations as staff will need to take leave to care for themselves and their families.

Much has changed and will continue to change as we adapt to this constantly evolving pandemic. We received requests from staff at both campuses for tools to help understand the current situation surrounding quarantine periods, operations and services. Attached to this are:

  • A process flowchart for staff quarantine requirements. Due to the sudden increase in cases, we are temporarily restoring the 14-day quarantine requirement regardless of vaccination status. We anticipate returning to graduated quarantine periods about two weeks after booster shots are administered and will provide an updated flowchart once that happens. For employees who must quarantine, emergency leave may be available through the recently passed American Rescue Plan Act, but is limited by available funds. Human Resources staff can help you apply for this leave if available.
  • A services and operations table showing current status and requirements for various activities and services for both residents and staff. This will change and vary by campus as conditions evolve.

This is a good opportunity to remind everyone to be diligent about wearing masks, sanitizing hands, and social distancing. If you or someone you are in contact with is sick, please do not come to campus--contact your supervisor or the Wellness Center for guidance. If you want to get vaccinated or simply want more information, the Wellness Center is happy to help you. And if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, you are not alone and there are lots of options: talk to your supervisor, visit the Wellness Center or our chaplains or social workers, contact Human Resources, or take advantage of AFRH's external and confidential Employee Assistance Program. The EAP can be reached at, or (800) 222-0364.

We are truly fortunate to have such a dedicated team, committed to each other and our mission to care for our enlisted veteran residents. Thank you for all that you do, and please continue to look out for each other and bring your best effort and spirit to work each day.



Chief Operating Officer