Drive-Through Visits by Family and Friends
  • Must be reserved in advance – space and slots are limited
  • Visit must be less than 15 minutes with 6+ feet social distance at all times per CDC guidance
  • Currently limited to business hours (10-3 Monday-Friday, excluding holidays) due to limited staffing
How to Reserve

Residents should come to their campus Administration Office to make a reservation.  Social workers will assist with reservations for residents in long term care and memory support.

How It Works

Once reserved, visitors will receive an email with detailed instructions on the visit process.  Visitors will be allowed access to the campus at the date and time on their reservation.  Visitors must arrive promptly—slots are limited and we may not be able to re-accommodate visitors who arrive late.

After clearing the front gate, visitors will be directed to the drive-through visit location.  Staff will ask screening questions about their health and travels.  After that is complete, staff will bring the resident out to the drive-through area for the 15-minute visit.  Per CDC guidelines, visits must be less than 15 minutes.

Everyone must wear face masks and maintain 6+ feet distance at all times.  No contact will be allowed.  We regret this includes pets, so please leave pets at home.  Visitors must remain in their vehicle at all times and will not have access to restrooms or AFRH buildings, so must plan accordingly.

What May Change

This is a new process and will have growing pains, so we appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility.  We will do our best to set up the drive through area to accommodate some poor weather, but some cancellations and reschedules will be unavoidable.  At this time we are unable to offer weekend or holiday timeslots due to limited staffing, but we hope to offer more days and times as staffing allows.