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We nurture you, mentally and emotionally

AFRH resident enjoying the outside

At the AFRH we place great importance on our Residents’ mental and emotional wellbeing. So, after your admission, our healthcare team will meet with you to listen, evaluate, and establish your needs for good mental health. A Registered Nurse will serve as a liaison to communicate with your physicians, therapists, specialists, caseworkers, and more. Then we’ll create a detailed assessment and a personal plan of care.

Many Residents will encounter mental, physical, and emotional changes as they age. Rest assured that our dedicated team would embrace your needs and respond with compassion. Our professionals will help you and your loved ones navigate the complexities of your stress. We will become your advocates and carefully anticipate your needs. And, we will explain and support your anticipated outcome.

Our positive and supportive team members will play an active role in assessing, promoting, and maintaining your overall wellbeing. Our service to you will be highly personal. And, the medical care you receive will be the best available. We will help you understand your options and make informed decisions. This way, you will be in charge of your care and we will honor your wishes to the best of our abilities.

Supplemental Care

Assisted Living Down the road you may need help with daily activities. In the comfort and privacy of your room, you can receive personal care and support from an expert on our wellness team. You will enjoy laundry service, daily housekeeping, and full-service dining. Plus you can still indulge in our fun activities and social events. No matter what you need, daily assistance is always nearby.

Memory Support Our team is specially trained to help you cope with memory-loss conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. We use the newest techniques in memory-support to help orient and engage our Residents. In the comfort of a controlled environment, you’ll receive personal and progressive care. Meanwhile your family will receive the peace of mind they deserve.

Long Term Care Now, specialized care comes to you—right in the comfort of your room. Advanced nursing care is available 24 hours a day. And our licensed nurses and certified assistants will work hard to serve your needs and promote your wellbeing. Plus, physical, occupational, and speech therapy will also be delivered in your home. That means you can still dine with your friends, join group activities, and feel right at home.

Home Health Care:

  • Bathing & grooming
  • Dressing & styling
  • Medication reminders
  • Daily companionship
  • Meal assistance
  • Memory support
  • Medical transport
  • Light chores
  • General errands