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AFRH Rooms

Your independence is of utmost importance.

You are about to enjoy all the privileges, amenities, and camaraderie that come with living at the AFRH. Here, you will be among your own: fellow veterans and retired service members. We offer activities, programs, and amenities to maintain health and wellness. Yet, your adventure begins right here in your own personal room.

All new Residents are assigned a private, single room that is air-conditioned. The average room size in Washington, DC, is approximately 280 square feet of living space, and in Gulfport, 450 square feet of living space, including a bathroom, shower and closet.  The AFRH will provide you with a bed and armoire. Additional personal furnishings are allowed (such as a computer, desk, recliner, dresser, lamps, refrigerator, microwave, or (in Gulfport) - dinette set).  You will, however, need to supply any of these extra furnishings independently.

Each room is pre-wired for cable TV and telephone service. If you desire these services, you must order and pay for them on your own. Also please be advised that the AFRH is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings—including Resident rooms. Specific outdoor areas are designated as “smoking areas”. So please be considerate to your comrades.

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