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The Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) is the nation’s oldest continuously operating retirement community for enlisted military personnel. Our purpose is to maintain the mission that began in 1851 to fulfill our Nation’s promise to its veterans by providing a premier retirement community with exceptional residential care and extensive support services.

Funding for veterans in the Home is covered by income from resident fees, revenue sharing and leasing agreements from building and property assets held on the DC Campus, mandatory withholdings (50 cents per month from active duty personnel), as well as fines and forfeitures also from active duty personnel.  This funding covers approximately 60% of cost of care, so most of our enlisted veterans and the Trust Fund depends on subsidies to ensure resident care for the long term. In light of this, Congress provided AFRH legislative authorization in the FY 2019 National Defense Authorization Act to actively solicit gifts and donations.

Private giving is a key funding source for non‐profit retirement communities and veteran service organizations, an opportunity which AFRH had previously been unable to pursue.  Despite rising costs in healthcare and operations, AFRH maintains that promise made centuries ago to provide our veterans, a national treasure, with premier services and amenities.  AFRH is able to accept gifts directly, including estate gifts from residents and others.  At the same time AFRH is actively building a more user friendly platform for gift-giving, while ensuring solid accounting and ethical fundraising practices, including special restricted gifts for specific purposes.  Whether your intent is to broaden the residents’ living experience or to otherwise just help make sure our veterans always have a place to call home, any donation shows you care.

Please join the countless others that have chosen to support our vital mission! Your support enables us to ensure that past, current and future generations of veterans can depend on AFRH to be that solid foundation needed in their senior years of life.  There are currently four ways to give, and soon AFRH will provide additional payment venues and options:

Directly to the AFRH by:

  1.  Mailing a check to:  AFRH, 3700 N. Capitol St. NW, Washington, DC 20011-8400
  2.  Volunteering at either the Gulfport, MS, or Washington, DC, Campus:

Indirectly by supporting the Old Soldiers Home Foundation, which was established to help preserve and maintain the AFRH mission:

  1. Getting involved and contributing through the website:
  2. Contributing through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC):  CFC# 73370 | EIN 815214355 | Washington, DC |