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If you are seeking information on behalf of a veteran, please include c/o Your Name in the address.

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Please describe below if you learned about AFRH from someone like a friend, AFRH Resident, AFRH Staff Member, VA referral, family member or if you knew about AFRH because you lived or worked nearby, payroll deductions, visited AFRH, saw it on the news, etc. If you can provide a person’s name, they may be credited with the referral.


Military Category

To meet military eligibility, veterans must be non-commissioned for at least half of their service time, honorably discharged from the Armed Forces, and fall into at least one of the following categories:

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Service Time:

How long (Y/M/D) did you serve on active or inactive duty in the Armed Forces?

Wartime Service

If you served during wartime or recieved Imminent Danger Pay, please list any wars/conflicts while you were on active-duty and identify service classification: did you serve within the officially designated War Theater (WT), did you qualify for Hostile Fire Pay (HFP) or Imminent Danger Pay (IDP), or were you assigned to provide support outside of the designated war theater during a Wartime Era (ERA)?

Examples: Vietnam, Korea, WWII or other hostile waters/areas Note: Any officially designated war theaters will be listed on the veteran’s DD-214 but IDP/HFP hostile zones may not be included. (additional documentation may be needed for those applying under Category 3 with hostile fire pay as proof of eligibility)


All applicants must be enrolled in acceptable health insurance prior to being approved for admission. Anyone over 65 must have both Medicare A&B and Supplemental Insurance or 100% VA benefits. Those under 65 who have less than a 100% VA disability rating, must have major medical insurance covering hospitalization, medical visits and prescriptions.

Health / Independence

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