Maurice "Moe" Drolet

AFRH-G Resident Highlight

Maurice “Moe” Drolet

By Lori Kerns | Librarian

Maurice “Moe” Drolet was born in Rhode Island. He is the third youngest of twelve born to his parents, a carpenter and a housewife. As a teen, he earned his nickname, “Moe,” from a friend’s brother and it has stuck with him. As he became old enough to begin working, he found a job at a local mill earning 85 cents an hour. He, unfortunately, lost his job while he was in the hospital having appendix surgery. At the time there was no union to help him fight for his position. So as soon as he turned seventeen, he went to the Air Force recruiter and joined.

Moe dedicated 23 years of service to the Air Force. His military career was spent in the field of supply. Some of that time he worked in the Philippines as an air freight specialist loading and unloading planes. He served at other duty stations, including Vietnam. He was also able to spend eight years in Japan and loved every minute. While in the military, he went TDY to such locations as Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea. But it was in Japan where he had met and began dating his future wife, Teri. Once retired, he went back to Japan to marry her.

Moe has four children, Brenda, Mars, Brian, and Laura. Moe made the decision to move to Florida to be near his daughter, Brenda, when he lost his beloved Teri. He stayed in the Sunshine State until AFRH-G reopened after Hurricane Katrina and has since been enjoying his retirement in the home, where he loves the staff.

Anyone who knows Moe, knows that he is very dedicated to fitness. He works out for three hours each day. He stays fit by using the gym equipment, walking, swimming, and walking the home’s stairs. His most recent accomplishment was keeping a log of the miles he walked. He recently logged in over 10,000 miles! To celebrate his achievement, he was given a special sweatshirt.