William Veasey

William Veasey was born in Philadelphia, PA. His father had been in the US Navy in World War I, and William couldn’t wait to join the Navy when he got old enough! He joined on June 6, 1944 – D Day! After Basic Training in Bainbridge, MD, William spent two years aboard the USS Yokes (APD-69) during World War II, which carried 125 frogman for missions. He only spent six months aboard the USS Postapsco (AOG-1), a gasoline tanker that would ignite easily. William was then sent back to Washington DC, where he went to GMB School and learned about all of the guns in the system. He then got an assignment that lasted five years aboard the LST-515, later named the USS Caddo Parish, which provided Occupation service in Europe. William then went back to Bainbridge, MD, where he was a Drill Instructor. After this base closed down, he went to Great Lakes, IL, where he froze though a tough winter. Here William went to Missile Launching System School. He was then assigned for five years to the USS King (DLG-10). He went back to Great Lakes for his final assignment, where he was an instructor in the Gunnery “C” School.

For the next twenty years, William was a fireman, making his way up to Captain. He became a fire inspector for the last ten year. This was a job he truly loved; teaching from Kindergarten through College, Hospitals, Day Cares, etc. William had friends living at both AFRH campuses, so he already knew he wanted to come here and did so in September of 2013.