Mildred Rysavy Knoble

Mildred Rysavy Knoble

Veteran Honoree

By Lori Kerns, AFRH-G Librarian

Mildred Rysavy (later Knoble) was born in New York City, NY on November 19, 1921.  She lived in a rural area just outside the city on a farm.  As a child, Mildred remembers her mother canning the fruits and vegetables that they raised on their farm.  She recalls another fond  childhood memory of her walking to the very small school house that she attended each day.

As she got older, she decided to join the military.  On August 11, 1943 she enlisted in the Army and was sent to England during World War II.  As part of the war effort, she was assigned to clerical duties.  Once her assignment was complete, she was given the choice to go to another station or go home. She chose to go back to the States. 

It wasn’t long before Mildred decided to re-enlist.  This time she decided to join the Air Force.  Her first assignment was in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Again, it was determined that she would be assigned to clerical duties.  Her last duty station in the Air Force was at Fort Dixon, NJ when she was discharged in December of 1953, giving a total of ten years of military service.    

Mildred married Lowell Knoble, who was also in the military.  They had three children, two sons and one daughter.  Tragically, the couple lost one of their sons when he was struck by a vehicle while as he was working with a crew on the side of a road.  Mildred always speaks fondly of her children.  She will tell you very quickly and proudly that her daughter is a nurse.  She is also extremely pleased with the fact that her son enjoys canning his own fruits and vegetables, a family tradition that she passed down to him from her mother.

After being retired, Lowell talked Mildred into moving down south to AFRH-G in the early 2000’s.  They both weathered Hurricane Katrina and moved up to AFRH-W during the home’s re-construction.  When AFRH-G re-opened, they returned to the south.  Heartbreakingly, Lowell passed away not too long after their return.

Mildred enjoys staying active by attending the many events and activities offered at the Home, such as Fun Art, Current Events, and Bingo.  She’s one of our most well-known residents here at AFRH-G and that’s because she has such a great personality.  She’s very witty, spunky, and such a pleasure to be around!