The AFRH Strategic Plan for FY2013-2016 is aligned with the performance objectives of this Administration. Objectives have been set for all goals. These objectives promote serving and supporting an aging population, putting the needs of Residents first, exceptional stewardship of our resources and open dialogue with our external stakeholders. Click AFRH Strategic Plan  

Each person will understand each Resident's individual needs and take realistic action to fulfill them within AFRH resources and capabilities.
Enhance and increase communication with direct input from Residents and staff.
Develop and offer comprehensive training for staff, and require parallel training for contractors and volunteers related to Resident-centered care
– which is in turn tied to performance, competencies and accountability.
Encourage activities for Residents' Health and Wellness.
Pursue and implement innovative ways to deflect, reduce and manage costs by maximizing assets, resources and programs to fulfill needs and wishes of current / future Residents.
Utilize outside resources to lower costs (Medicare, Tricare, Historic Preservation Society, grants and fundraising).
Establish annual net revenue by 2013 and maintain "in the black" status.
Establish metrics as a high priority to enhance financial objectives.
Explore new revenue streams.
Develop and deliver a Resident-centered vision for AFRH property and services.
Optimize use of technology solutions.
Maintain and improve operations.
Expand staff knowledge that directly impacts the accountability and efficiency of the Agency, which will in turn empower all employees to be proactive.
Educate staff on accreditation, inspection and regulatory standards (annually).
Encourage responsible displays of individual initiative to achieve organizational Goals and staff accountability (daily).
Link performance to results (semi-annually).
Encourage activities that promote workforce growth beyond training.
Demonstrate leadership in complying with Federally-mandated initiatives.
Harness, cultivate and focus our external stakeholders to become increasingly active participants who are engaged in AFRH operations in each of the next five years.
Explore and recommend Advisory Council membership to ensure diversity, local campus representation and functional guidance based on membership's expertise.
Partner with High Profile Drivers (HPDs) to successfully effect recommended changes in law, policy, finance, healthcare and Resident initiatives that impact AFRH.
Plus up opportunities to cross-flow information from our known and suspected silos.