Dr. Tim Williams

Dr. Tim Williams

AFRH-G resident highlight - Dr. Tim Williams

By Lori Kerns | Librarian

Photo by Becki Zschiedrich | Public Affairs

Dr. Tim Williams was born in Knoxville, TN in 1962. He is the middle child of three brothers and three sisters. Growing up, Tim moved around a bit, attending three different high schools in the span of four years. At the age of 16, he moved to Richmond, VA. After high school, he attended college and made the move to Savannah, GA.

After moving to Savannah, Tim decided he wanted to travel so he decided to join the United States Air Force. His enlistment definitely paid off right away when he received orders for his first duty station to Japan, where he worked as security police. Some of the other countries he had the chance to travel to were Korea, Philippines, Canada, Indonesia, and Thailand. He also served during Operation Just Cause in Panama. His final duty station was at Grand Forks AFB, ND. Growing up in the South did not prepare him for the extremely cold weather. The weather and the experiences of war helped him make the decision to separate from the military. He dedicated a total of seven years to the U.S. Air Force.

After leaving the military, Tim moved to Japan to start a new life. He lived in Tokyo for over 30 years all while earning his bachelor, masters, and doctorate degrees. His two children were born while he was overseas, although they are both U. S. citizens (Tim would love for one of them to be President!).

When it came time to settle down from his busy life, he took the recommendation of a retired Marine and friend to apply to become a resident at AFRH-G. Eleven months later, in the midst of a pandemic, he was able to move in. Tim is one of the newer residents in the Home, so he is still learning the area. So far he enjoys the Home and spends his leisure time using the computer, watching TV, and reading.