Calvin “Chip” Wall
Calvin “Chip” Wall

Calvin “Chip” Wall

AFRH-G Resident Highlight - Calvin “Chip” Wall
By Lori Kerns | Librarian

Calvin “Chip” Wall was born in August of 1951 in Lexington, North Carolina. At the age of six, he gained a step-brother and step-sister when his mother remarried. Chip was always very athletic. Throughout school, he played football, baseball, basketball, and golf. He was never fond of going to school so about one month into his studies at Appalachian State he decided to tell his step-dad that he did not want to finish college. He was told that he had to have a job in order to come home. In January of 1970, Chip made the decision to join the Navy.

His Navy career was spent in the field of cryptology where he stayed behind closed doors working with top secret information. His duty stations took him both on land and at sea. Among those stations were Hawaii, the Panama Canal and Virginia. He also served aboard the aircraft carriers USS Ranger and USS Enterprise. He continued to remain active with sports throughout his Navy career. Finally, with a little over 20 years of service Chip retired while stationed in Charleston, South Carolina.

He considered taking a civilian job with NSA and continuing his career in cryptology but decided he was tired of working behind closed doors and instead took a position at Myrtle Beach National Golf Course. He worked at the course for about four years until he landed a position caddying for the golfers on the LPGA Tour. He had such a great time working on the tour that he stayed for about ten years before leaving to caddy for a friend of his who played on a tour right below the PGA level.

Chip ended up back in Myrtle Beach to take care of his mother. He ended up back at Myrtle Beach National where he stayed until he decided to put his name on the waiting list for AFRH-G. To prepare for his residency at AFRH, he moved down to Gulfport and began volunteering for activities with the Home’s upper-level of care residents. It took two years before he became eligible, but his commitment to the Home helped him have a seamless transition to life at AFRH-G.

Chip remains physically active by volunteering at Keesler Air Force Base’s golf course, where he is also able to enjoy one of his favorite pastimes. Among his hobbies, is watching his favorite football team, the Clemson Tigers, for which he is a “super fan.” He also serves as a greeter on Sunday mornings at his church. However, his most recent endeavor in the volunteer arena is taking the position as AFRH-G’s Ombudsman for the residents who reside in the upper-levels of care. Chip’s selflessness is commendable and beyond appreciated by both staff and residents.