Wanda Webb

Wanda Webb

Wanda Webb was born in Quitaque, Texas, to Jesse Hugh and Hazel Carter. Her dad died when she was 10 months old and she, her mother and sister moved to Lockney, Texas, to live with grandparents.

Wanda’s mother later remarried and they moved to a farm eight miles from Lockney on a dirt road. Wanda said at this time the family grew in size to a sister, step sister, step brother and later two half-sisters. She attended both elementary and high school in Lockney.

After graduation Wanda moved to Plainview, Texas, where she worked for Southwestern Bell. She later moved with her sister, Lynna, to Albuquerque, New Mexico. There she worked for Mountain States Telephone Company.

Being adventuresome she decided she wanted a more exciting life and after discussion with her military brother-in-law she joined the Navy. Wanda was the first Wave the Chief in charge of the recruiting office in Waco, Texas, had recruited, and he was not about to let her get away. He and his wife took her to the train station to see her off.

Wanda went through boot camp at Bainbridge, Maryland. She remembers getting out of the taxi dressed in a red, white and blue dress and looking up at the entrance and reading the sign which read, ""Through These Portals Pass the Greatest Women on Earth." She thought,  "I am going to be busy."

After boot camp, Wanda received orders to Norfolk, Virginia, where she served her three plus  years in the Navy. She worked in the 5th Naval District Headquarters communication center receiving messages from shore stations and sending to stations they were responsible for. She transferred to the message center where she checked incoming messages making sure they were properly routed and delivered to all departments within the 5th Naval District Headquarters. She was also secretary to the Head of Communications, but admits she was not a good secretary.  Wanda also established and maintained the classified material department in the message center. She was responsible for typing, maintaining files and distributing classified material to ship and shore stations.

During this time Sears and Roebuck established what was called "Navy Night" and they used all Waves and sailors for models. She was chosen to be a model and of course this was exciting even though it was a short lived modeling career.

Wanda met Obie Webb through a mutual home town friend. Obie was stationed in Norfolk, but received orders to a submarine stationed in Key West, Florida. This was when Wanda got out of the Navy. They have been married 56 years and have one son Dennis who works for the U.S. Corp of Engineers at the Water Way Experiment Station, Vicksburg, Mississippi, and daughter in law Anita and one grandchild Blair who is a sophomore at Mississippi State. Wanda says there is one person she keeps up with that she knew in the Navy. Master Chief Brock who is 92 years old and still lives in Norfolk.

After Wanda got out of the Navy and moved to Key West she went back to work for Bell Telephone Company. Wanda and Obie moved into the Armed Forces Retirement Home in 2003. They enjoy their life here.

Wanda said, “ the military has always been good to us.”