Daniel Armand Ellis
Daniel Armand Ellis

Daniel Armand Ellis

AFRH-G Resident Highlight – Daniel Armand Ellis
By Lori Kerns| AFRH-G Librarian

Dan Ellis was born in Bucktown, a fishing community neighboring New Orleans, La., in 1931.  A “Depression Baby,” he went through the early rigors of that era.  Processing through high school, he received his bachelor’s degree from Southeastern Louisiana College in Hammond, La.  His diploma was granted “in absentia” after enlisting during the Korean War.

Ellis was mustered in at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX and completed basic training at Fort Riley, KS. Having more than two years of National Guard service, he was quickly appointed platoon leader which relieved him from latrine duty.

After basic, he received orders for Korea. Upon his ship’s arrival at Tokyo, he was assigned to Intel and given basic classes in Tseudanema, Japan.  His next assignment sent him near the Charwon Reservoir, Korea where his new role was to perform twenty-four hour interrogations of newly captured prisoners of war.  He later participated in the “Little Switch” program of repatriating captured South Korean POWs at Inchon.

Returning to the States, Ellis benefitted from the GI Bill by gaining his Master’s Degree in Education.  He taught in Plaquemines, Orleans, and Jefferson Parishes in Louisiana and eventually served on the Orleans Parish School Board.

Ellis is honored that he comes from a military family.  His father served in WWI, he had two uncles and an aunt who served during WWII, and his grandfather was a major in the Costa Rican Army.  He is also proud of his son-in-law and grandson who both served in the Marines during Vietnam and Iraq, respectively.

In 1993, he moved to his vacation home in Pass Christian, MS where he began writing about the local legacies and history.  He has come to call himself a “historicizer and scrutineer,” which translates to mean a “history writer of authenticity.”  Through his research and writings, Ellis has become an award-winning writer of community heritage histories with number more than 30 self-published books.  These books are currently available for check-out in the AFRH-G.  As a new resident, Ellis’ next venture will have him presenting talks based to AFRH-G residents about the Gulf Coast community.  He will also provide instruction on self-publishing and would like to begin a Writers Club.                           

AFRH-G would like to welcome Mr. Dan Ellis!