Jeanne Beasley

Jeanne Beasley

Army veteran earns her way
retires with 20 years

By Christine Baldwin

Jeanne Beasley joined the Women’s Army Corps from her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.  The recruiter even came to her house, because her father, who was a deacon, was upset about her going to war. But the recruiter said, "No, they're the first group of 18-year-olds we're taking in. There is not going to be a war." So Jeanne enlisted in September 1949. Less than a year later, June 25th, 1950, a girl stopped her and said, "Did you hear the news? We're at war." Jeanne replied, "It can't be. The recruiter told my father we're not going to war!"

After basic training at Ft. Lee, Va., it was off to Yokohama, Japan, with the Second Team Major Support, Logistic Support, Personnel.  Jeanne was also stationed in Heidelberg, and Frankfurt, Germany.  From Germany, she went to Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. This was where the scientist and engineers were stationed before there was even a space program.  Here Jeanne met “Enos the Monkey,” who needed to go into space before Sam Shepherd and John Glenn.  She even had to get Enos his Chiquita bananas (the only ones he was allowed to eat). Next it was off to Fort McClellan, Ala., to be a platoon sergeant.  This assignment was the best one for Jeanne.  She is still close to the people from that post. Jeanne retired from Ft. Belvoir, Va., in 1969 after 20 years of service.  She would have stayed in longer, but her father had a stroke and she was needed at home.  With the G.I. bill, she was able to get a nursing degree and worked 22 more years at the renowned Cleveland Clinic.   

Jeanne came to the AFRH-W in 1994.  She knew she would come because many of her friends were already here.  She is very active with the U.S. Army Women’s Museum at Ft. Lee, Va., as well as serving on the board for the Women’s Memorial.  She was the Veterans Administration representative for the U.S. Army Women’s Association.  One of Jeanne’s many highlights was when she was invited to a tea at the White House where she met Mrs. Obama.