James Smalczewski

James Smalczewski was born in Pittsburgh, PA. After attending the Pennsylvania Military College for two years, James decided to join the Army in 1961in the Military Police Corps. While doing his first tour in Korea, it was found that he was a sole surviving son, so he was sent back to the states. In 1968, he found out he could waive that status and he volunteered for Vietnam. He was one of 200 MPs in Saigon, keeping the peace for over 20,000 servicemen in that city. One of the actions he was involved in, was the repelling of the Communists in the Tet Offensive of 1968. In all James did 3 tours of Korea and 3 ½ of Vietnam before he left the service in 1975, as a Chief Investigator. After his service, he moved back to Hawaii. One of the jobs he did was working for the U.S. Park Service at the ‘USS Arizona Memorial’ at Pearl Harbor. In all he had over 40 years of police experience. He loves surfing, diving, running race cars, playing drums, and sports of all kinds, especially football.