Geraldine Gorsky

Geraldine Gorsky

Veteran Honoree: Geraldine Gorsky

By Lori Kerns, Librarian

Geraldine GorskyGeraldine “Gerry” Gorsky was born and raised in Bradenton, Florida along with her twin sister. Gerry decided to forgo college and enlist in the Navy. When asked what influenced her to join the Navy, Gerry explained that she had two teachers during her childhood that had been in the military.

Gerry started her military career with recruit training at Bainbridge, Maryland. During this training, she was evaluated to be placed in the position that most suited her, which was a personnelman. As a personnelman, Gerry was responsible for discharges, transfers, fleet retire records and other personnel records. She worked in other areas of responsibilities as her career advanced such as Master at Arms, education, and legal.

Throughout her Navy career Gerry was stationed, usually staying in the barracks on base, throughout the United States. Her duty stations ranged from Third Naval District, NY; San Diego, CA (two tours); Milton, FL (two tours); Norfolk, VA; and Pensacola, FL. When asked which of these stations she enjoyed the most, Gerry chose Milton, Florida. She was stationed at Whitingfield with Helicopter Training Squadron 8. Gerry retired from the Navy in 1977 after giving 22 years of service. She lived in Bradenton, FL until three years ago when she came to live in the AFRH.

Gerry is best known by residents and staff for her beautiful artwork. She only began painting after retirement and is self-­‐taught. She has taken some correspondence and senior classes. Gerry says one of the reasons she enjoys living at AFRH is being on the Coast.