Catherine Dailey

Catherine Dailey

By Lori Kerns, AFRH-G Librarian

Catherine Bernice Dailey, named after both her mother and grandmother, was born on September 29, 1919 in Manchester, CT.  She was a middle child of three sisters and two brothers born to a repairman.  Her mother was a stay-at-home mom who took care of Catherine’s special needs brother.  Their family lived in a house in the city.  Until high school, Catherine attended St. James Catholic School where she was educated by nuns.  She feels that her Catholic upbringing was very important in her life.  She was a studious child who enjoyed giving an extra hand to the nuns whenever she could.  As a child with long, curly hair, she remembers delight in her mother brushing and styling her hair.  When it was time for high school, she attended the local public school, Manchester High School.

Growing up, Catherine had aspirations of either becoming a nun or joining the military.  When the time came, she made the decision to follow her sisters’ footsteps and join the military.  She enlisted in the Navy. Throughout her enlistment, she was given clerical responsibilities.   An honor Catherine had during her time in the Navy was when she met First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.  She described Mrs. Roosevelt as very friendly and helpful to women.

After her departure from the military, Catherine attended George Washington University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  With her degree she went to work as a civil servant for the Social Security Administration.  She also worked for a short period of time with Aetna Life Insurance.  Her career led her to live in Washington for a stint and then back to the New England area. 

After getting to know Catherine, it’s easy to gather that she is very proud of her Irish heritage.  She’s even had the pleasure of visiting her family in Ireland.  Although she loves children, Catherine never felt the urge to get married.  An independent-minded woman, she has enjoyed her single life and appreciated the opportunities she has been given.  She’s one of the most positive people you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

Living at AFRH-G, Catherine takes part in Current Events and Music Time.  She also enjoys the frequent visits from her cousin.  Catherine is an absolute delight to speak with and has a delightful personality.  We’re so glad to have her as part of the AFRH-G family!