Aubrey Lee

Aubrey Lee


By Christine Baldwin

Aubrey Lee was born in North Carolina and matured in the U.S. Army. He wanted to go to college, but being the fifth child out of nine, he had to look for a scholarship to pay for the education. When this did not happen, Aubrey volunteered into the Army in 1958. After Boot Camp at Ft. Jackson, SC, he went to Ft. Gordon, GA to become a Military Policeman.

Aubrey was then sent to Augsburg Germany with a MP detachment, where he met his future wife. During their married life, she had 18 PCS moves with him. The main one that she did not go on was when he was in Vietnam. After 29+ years, Aubrey retired as a Sergeant Major from Frankfort Germany in 1987. Even though they enjoyed the states, Aubrey and his wife decided to retire to Augsburg Germany. There, he joined a German security company, which employed him through the drawdown of the kaserne and later Aubrey worked in the AAFES exchange.

Aubrey took care of his wife for the last years of her life and already knew he would be coming to AFRH-W, after she died in 2012. After all he noticed the $.25 a pay that came out of his check for the Home each month. He also had been able to read ‘The Communicator’ online for years. Aubrey is happy to be here. He thanks General Winfred Scott and others for having the foresight to start the Home and to coin an old acronym “TOYS” [Take care Of Your Soldiers].