AFRH Operations in the Absence of Appropriations

OMB Circular, Section 124 A-11 directs certain steps should be taken when an Agency anticipates a funding hiatus.

  • Estimate the time to complete the shutdown.
  • Number of employees expected to be on-board before implementation of the plan.
  • Total number of employees to be retained under the plan because:
    • They are engaged in military, law enforcement, or direct provision of health care activities, or
    • Their compensation is financed by a resource other than annual appropriations.
    • Number of employees, not otherwise exempt, to be retained to protect life and property.

The purpose of the Retirement Home is to provide, through the Armed Forces Retirement Home—Washington and the Armed Forces Retirement Home—Gulfport, residences and related services for certain retired and former members of the Armed Forces.

Consistent with the Home’s purpose most employees provide direct or indirect support to healthcare, life and safety, or protect property in support of residents whose average age is 82 years old.  Each Home (Gulfport and Washington) has three primary directorates:  (1) Resident Services; (2) Healthcare Services; and (3) Campus Operations.

  • Resident Services provides direct support to residents through dining services, religious activities, custodial services, recreational therapy and activities, room checks and Needs Assessment Team.
  • Healthcare Services provides direct support to residents through nursing, social services, healthcare clinic, dental clinic, optometry clinic, podiatry clinic, nutrition, Assisted Living support, Memory Support, Long-term care support, Independent Living Plus support, and nutrition support.
  • Campus Operations provides direct and indirect support to residents through facility and grounds maintenance; utilities; transportation; and logistics.

During a funding hiatus affecting the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH), the Agency will remain open to ensure the health and safety of our residents, protect property, or to provide other emergency services consistent with the performance of functions and services exempted under the Antideficiency Act.  To do otherwise would displace residents in various levels of care to potentially a homeless environment.  However, AFRH will stop bringing new residents onboard who have not received a report date.  In order to ensure the health and safety of our residents, 284/88 percent of the workforce will be retained under the plan.  Of those retained, 241/85 percent will be for healthcare and law enforcement activities.  The remaining 43/15 percent will be for life and safety activities.  We also plan to have the entire Agency staff report to work as usual on the first day of the hiatus to ensure proper notification of all employees and an orderly shutdown as highlighted in A-11, Section 124.3.